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Yoga of Sound workshops and classes


I invite you to explore a practice that combines the benefits of yoga and the power of sound.

A jazz singer-songwriter for 15 years with performances all over the globe and a kundalini yogi for many years. Gabrielle offers weekly classes and monthly workshops that take you on a journey through sounds and silence into a deep sense of serenity, truth and clarity.

“Creating Vibration of Life workshops was a natural unfolding

of uniting my two passions in life: music and spirituality.”

Workshops / Classes

Yoga means Union between the body, the mind and the soul.

In a Yoga of Sound session, it is the experience of Union and Harmony using our most intimate vibration, our Voice.

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The practice combines postures, sound hatha, kundalini yoga, breath work, intentions, visualisations, meditations and the chanting of sacred vowels, bijas and mantras.

Vibration of Life

The eight workshops offer you a complete tune up, raising your vibration going through the Chakra System to align to your highest potential (The Transformation)

Yoga of sound

The weekly classes offer a regular practice to centre yourself, purifie, realigned, connect with the power of sound for a healthy and spiritual lifestyle.

Toulouse - Espace Allegria

☸︎ Ateliers Vibration bien-être

☸︎ Cours de Yoga du son & kundalini

☸︎ Session mantras/kirtan

110 rue Achille Viadieu
31400 Toulouse

Online/En ligne

☸︎ Vibration of life workshops 

☸︎ Yoga of sound & kundalini classes

☸︎ Ateliers Vibration bien-être (in french)

☸︎ Cours de Yoga du son & kundalini (in french)

“Your classes and chanting give me such a sense of peace, thank you” 

“Thank you for your amazing workshop, it was magical”

“You made me discover the power of mantras, I went into such a deep state of meditation I’ve never managed to get to before. With your mantra you took me by the hand gently and led me to that space”

Workshops in Toulouse

Vibration Bien-Être

Espace Allegria
110 rue Achille Viadieu
31400 Toulouse

Workshops in London

Vibration of Life

French Protestant Church
Espace EFPL
8-9 Soho Square, Soho
London W1D 3QD

Workshops/Classes in French (Online)

Workshops/Classes in English (Online)

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The Transformation

This method is designed as a path for you to get clear on what you want for your life, to let go of the past, the blocked energy that don’t serve you anymore and have slowed you down so you can start to enjoy your life wholly and fully.

By using the map of the ancient chakra system, you gradually get familiar, connect, experience, heal, balance and strengthen each energy centre (chakra). Remembering who you truly are, and become the real you offering with joy your unique talents and reveal the best version of yourself.

The transformation happens gradually through the 8 workshops or 8 steps toward your true self.

  1. I BUILD MY INNER SECURITY – roots strengthening
  2. I CREATE JOY AND CONNECT WITH MY PASSIONS – blocked energy and limited beliefs healing
  3. I ACT FROM MY POWERFUL INTENTION – meaningful focus and actions taking
  5. I TELL MY TRUTH – voice expression of my true self
  6. I DEVELOP AND TRUST MY UNIQUE INTUITION – insight into the third eye, the guidance system
  7. I AM CONNECTED TO ALL THAT IS, THE SOURCE – my body and beyond
  8. MY AURA – discovery of boundlessness 


“Renowned for the purity of her voice, with a kind of transparency that allows one to dream. She sings and play on the Kamalengoni or the piano, transporting the listeners with mantras and enchanting melodies.”

“Astonishingly beautiful voice” BBC Radio 4

‘Sound, rhythm and speech have profound effects on our body, thoughts, and emotions.

Mantra meditation is the use of these three elements with the purpose of

purifying, pacifying and healing our mind and heart.’

The power of Mantras

Mantra literally means “a tool for the mind”.

The practice of mantra meditation is found in many of the world’s wisdom traditions. Often written in Sanskrit or Gurmukhi, they can have a literal meaning and be translated or be understood through the language of sounds.

There is a vibratory frequency that corresponds to everything in the universe. By vibrating a particular combination of sounds, we tune into various level of intelligence or consciousness. Situations, people, events respond to signals we send out.

Chanting a particular sound or mantra is a conscious method of directing the mind.

We are choosing to invoke the positive power contained in those particular syllables, by chanting them and focusing on its intention, we are setting vibrations into motion that shall have an effect.

We act out on what we say and live on what we think. So powerful are our words to ourselves and to others so let’s choose well the words we repeat as they create our future reality.

Private Session

Vibrate your true self

Wether you are interested in going deeper in the vibration of life journey and would like a more tailored practice for yourself or would like to learn how to sing with an holistic approach.

Gabrielle guides you from where you are now with various exercices and reconnections to your true sound.

Enjoy singing more freely, heal parts of yourself using your voice and reach your own highest vibration.


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