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Sound is sacred. Sound is powerful.

It connects us, heals us and expands our hearts. Mantra chanting opens us up to sound on another level and has a transformative power. It is an ancient key for unlocking the mysteries of the entire universe.

Mantra is the vehicle by which the mind becomes one-pointed and inward and thus reaches the eternal silence that is the source of bliss.

First, the mantra works as an object of focus, keeping the monkey-mind busy, and allow it to become more calm and centered.

Second, the mantra is a tool for the transformation of consciousness. Every sound, every vibration, has a certain quality to it, and is able to produce different states of mind and consciousness when repeated for a long period of time.

Sound is vibration. And all the cells in our body are vibrating. Everything in the universe is vibrating, and each has its own frequency and rhythm. Our thoughts and feelings are also vibrations in our body and consciousness.

What the mystics and yogis discovered is that by sustaining a particular sound vibration for a long time, the nature of the mind and body can be transformed.

This transformative power can be used to change emotional states—like overcoming anxiety, soothing pain, uplifting your moods, etc. It can also be used to access deeper states of consciousness and go into samadhi.

If listening to a song can change our mood, imagine the power of mantras. The many repetitions of specific positive formulas with care and attention affect our inner consciousness and our physical body creating a deep state of connection and joy.


Vibration of Life workshops includes: setting intention, chanting voyelles, mantras, seed syllables, 7 sounds of love, kundalini yoga, meditation, guided visualisation, breathing techniques, group practice, improvisation.

“Yoga is not about self improvement but self acceptance” you don’t need to be fixed, you simply need to reconnect with how wonderful and perfect you already are.